Thea Gilbert

Aunt Thea

Portrayed by:
Arna-Maria Winchester
56-57 (Season 1)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Neil Gilbert (Brother)
Lisa Gilbert (Sister-in-law)
Elliot Gilbert (Nephew)
Emma Gilbert (Niece)
Grandma Gilbert (Mother)

Thea Gilbert is Neil Gilbert's sister, the paternal aunt of Emma and Elliot and sister-in-law. She is played by Arna Maria Wincherster.


She came to her brother's birthday party that was organized by his daughter, Emma, with her mother. Right after Emma was struck with the moonlight, Emma made a joke about her dress looking like a picnic rug, the joke made everyone laugh. Thea also saw Emma outside when she looked for her, but the other girls scared her back inside with bat stories. Seeing the party falling apart, Thea thought that Emma is a rather tasteless human. Thea interrupted Emma and Byron from kissing right before the dinner. Then she suggested to Emma's parents that she needs some good old-fashioned discipline.


  • The actress who played Thea Gilbert passed away on December 7, 2008.


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