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Season 2

A full moon in conjunction with a rare planetary alignment calls the girls to the moon pool at Mako Island where their powers and abilities are greatly augmented and strengthened to higher power levels. The second season revolves around the arrival of a new girl, Charlotte Watsford, who moves into the area and develops an instant attraction to Lewis. After Charlotte sees a film of her grandmother Gracie as a mermaid she meets Max Hamilton who was once romantically involved with Gracie. Happy to have met his lover's granddaughter he tells her about the previous mermaids and of Mako Island. Charlotte travels to the moon pool during a full moon and becomes the fourth mermaid in possession of all the girls' powers and abilities. Believing herself superior as the one "true mermaid" she and the girls become sworn enemies. This conflict results in a confrontation, during an especially strong and powerful full moon, which ends with Charlotte being permanently stripped of her mermaid powers, abilities, and mermaid form. The girls also have romantic entanglements. Cleo breaks up with Lewis for being too clingy and protective after which he dates Charlotte. Rikki and Zane start dating again after breaking up during the series one finale. Emma meets Ash and flirts with him but he is frustrated by the secrets she constantly holds back. She eventually relents and tells him that she is a mermaid. Torn because of the conflict between his friends and Charlotte Lewis comes to the conclusion that his loyalties lie with the girls and with Cleo in particular. He breaks up with Charlotte and begins dating Cleo again.


Image Title Original Airdate Episode
S02E01.jpg Stormy Weather September 28, 2007 27 2.01
Under the influence of a full moon the girls' powers are hugely enhanced and they wreak havoc on Lewis in his boat. The next day the girls realize they still need Lewis.
S02E02.jpg Control October 5, 2007 28 2.02
Emma uses her new powers to help Elliot win at soccer. Lewis decides to test the girls' increased powers. Cleo has had enough of Lewis' smothering and dumps him. Lewis meets Charlotte and they bond.
S02E03.JPG The One That Got Away October 12, 2007 29 2.03
Zane's back in town and still in love with Rikki. He works out she's still a mermaid and tries to win her back. Cleo becomes suspicious of Lewis spending time with Charlotte.
S02E04.jpg Fire and Ice October 19, 2007 30 2.04
Rikki comes to stay at Gilbert's House and stirs up the family unit. In trying to compete with Rikki, Emma tries to rebel and throws a party. Nate uses Lewis to make a play for Cleo.
S02E05.jpg Hocus Pocus October 26, 2007 31 2.05
Lewis finds an old book on mermaids and tests out a potion recipe on the girls. Cleo tries to get Don and her Mum together by using her powers to grant him a wish. Realizing it's not what he wants, she finally accepts the situation.
S02E06.jpg Pressure Cooker November 2, 2007 32 2.06
Don appears to have a girlfriend - Cleo is shocked to find it is Charlotte's mother. Lewis becomes aware of Charlotte's feelings for him.
S02E07.jpg In Hot Water November 9, 2007 33 2.07
A mermaid prank gone wrong leads to a dolphin going missing at the Marine Park and Lewis has to take the fall to protect the girls. In the end the girls figure out a way to clear him without risking exposure.
S02E08.jpg Wrong Side of the Tracks November 16, 2007 34 2.08
Zane has an argument with a man in a trailer park but little does he know it's Rikki's dad. Rikki has to overcome her shame about her background and introduce her dad to Zane.
S02E09.jpg Riding for a Fall November 23, 2007 35 2.09
Emma meets Ash - a handsome horse riding instructor. A horse falls ill and Emma must use her powers to fix it. Lewis accidentally invites both Charlotte and Cleo to an awards dinner.
S02E10.jpg Missed the Boat November 30, 2007 36 2.10
Cleo is failing at school and is assigned a tutor - Charlotte. Cleo wants Lewis back but her attitude to Charlotte only drives him further away. Cleo discovers Lewis and Charlotte kissing.
S02E11.jpg In Over Our Heads December 7, 2007 37 2.11
Zane hears of a treasure under the ocean and enlists the girls to find it. Rikki is injured in the search. Zane gives Rikki the reward. Charlotte contrives to keep Lewis from the girls.
S02E12.jpg Fish Fever December 14, 2007 38 2.12
Emma starts acting weird after pricking her finger on a barb of coral. Cleo's fish Hector exhibits the same behavior. Emma becomes more and more like a fish and Lewis has to find a way to cure her.
S02E13.jpg Moonwalker December 21, 2007 39 2.13
Don takes the family camping on Mako Island during a full moon. The girls are affected and need the moon pool for sanctuary. Charlotte almost slips in the Moon Pool and realizes something weird is going on there.
S02E14.jpg Get Off My Tail December 28, 2007 40 2.14
Emma thinks she's going to get a promotion at the juice bar but Ash is given the job. Emma and Ash clash over the job, but we discover it's over a lot more. Meanwhile, Lewis stands up to Charlotte over spending time with Cleo.
S02E15.jpg Irresistible January 4, 2008 41 2.15
Lewis and Zane find an old myth about mermaids is true - the scent of ambergris sends them wild. But it backfires when sleazy Nate gets hold of the scent and has all three mermaid girls on his arm!
S02E16.jpg Double Trouble January 11, 2008 42 2.16
Lewis has a bad dream about mermaids being discovered. It threatens to come true when Elliot asks Kim out on a date to the marine park and Cleo finds herself in trouble underwater in front of a crowd of people.
S02E17.jpg Moonstruck January 18, 2008 43 2.17
Cleo and Rikki push Ash into asking Emma out again - little did they know he'd turn up at Emma's place in time for a full moon! Rikki and Cleo are both moonstruck and Ash looks set to discover Emma's secret.
00021876 H2O2 A3.jpg rgb.jpg The Heat is On January 25, 2008 44 2.18
When Zane and Ash clash at the juice bar, Rikki and Emma take their boyfriend's sides. Cleo is left alone celebrating their one year anniversary of becoming a mermaid - until Lewis arrives just in time to help.
S02E19.jpg The Gracie Code (Part One) February 1, 2008 45 2.19
Lewis discovers someone called Max Hamilton did research fifty years ago on the strange properties of Mako Island. Lewis tracks the old man down and finds that he knows a lot more about mermaids than Lewis first thought.
S02E20.jpg The Gracie Code (Part Two) February 8, 2008 46 2.20
Ash comes close to finding out about Emma. Meanwhile, the girls discover that Charlotte's grandmother was Gracie. Old wounds open up for Charlotte and she finds part of Max's research: an old movie of Gracie - as a mermaid!
S02E21.jpg And Then There Were Four February 15, 2008 47 2.21
Charlotte follows Lewis to Max Hamilton. Max tells all to Charlotte when he discovers she's the granddaughter of his one true love. Charlotte and Lewis almost break up until she goes to the Moon Pool, becoming a mermaid herself!
S02E22.jpg Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble February 22, 2008 48 2.22
The girls have to deal with a fourth mermaid who turns out to be a loose cannon; Charlotte almost turns into a mermaid at a volleyball competition. Charlotte discovers she has all three mermaid superpowers. Ominous signs.
S02E23.jpg Reckless February 29, 2008 49 2.23
As the girls continue to have problems accommodating Charlotte as a mermaid, Nate bullies Lewis. Despite the girls' attempts to keep Charlotte under control, she uses her powers on Nate and almost exposes them all.
S02E24.jpg Three's Company March 7, 2008 50 2.24
Charlotte takes over and organizes a surprise party for Lewis, annoying Rikki. At the party, Charlotte is jealous of Cleo and traps her and Emma in a pool room. Rikki comes back just in time. From now on, Charlotte is on her own.
S02E25.jpg Sea Change March 14, 2008 51 2.25
Cleo is bullied by Charlotte and runs away to the ocean. With Cleo missing, everyone becomes more and more worried. Lewis discovers what Charlotte has been up to and breaks up with her. He finds Cleo and they kiss.
S02E26.jpg Unfathomable March 21, 2008 52 2.26
The full moon rises, and with the planets lining up, it can remove merpeople powers for good. Knowing this, Lewis lures Charlotte to the Moon Pool but it backfires and Emma, Cleo and Rikki all look set to lose their powers.


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