Wrong Side of the Tracks


Air Date:
16 November 2007
Directed by:
Jeffrey Walker
Written by:
Sam Carroll
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Wrong Side of the Tracks is eighth episode in Season 2 of H2O: Just Add Water.


Rikki is embarrassed to tell her friends and Zane where she lives. When Nate and Zane are out riding, Nate steals a tag off someone's busted motorbike. Zane is seen when Nate drives off resulting in a huge rivalry. When Zane tries to return the badge the man comes out and thinks that he's stealing something else. Zane insults him without knowing that the man is Rikki's father! Without anyone knowing, Rikki watches through the window, and only sees Zane insulting her dad. Zane pressures Rikki to let him meet her father, but knowing that he insulted him, ignores him and tries to get away. After much persuasion Rikki takes him to where she lives. He has no problem with it but when he kisses her, her father catches him and throws him out. Meanwhile Cleo is dealing with a problem concerning Charlotte and Lewis' jacket, Charlotte asks Cleo to return Lewis' jacket to purposely upset Cleo, Lewis tries to convince Charlotte that they are only friends but she insists that he is wrong and will do anything to make Cleo jealous. In the end, Zane fixes Rikki's father's bike and they become good friends. Because of this, Rikki gives up from embarrassing and invites Cleo, Emma, and Lewis to her house for a party. While at the party, Lewis gives Cleo his jacket after telling her that he only gave it to Charlotte because she asked him to.


  • This is the first appearance of Chadwick's House.
  • This is the first appearance of Terry Chadwick.
  • When all three of them are in the moon pool and Rikki says "we're just so, so, so different." When it shows Cleo, her lips are moving in unison to Rikki.
  • When Rikki hands her dad the coffee mug, it is chipped.



  • Songs Featured: "We Are Together" and "Another Now"





H2O - just add water S2 E8 - Wrong Side of the Tracks (full episode)

H2O - just add water S2 E8 - Wrong Side of the Tracks (full episode)