Pool Party

Cleo Asking For Help

Air Date:
14 July 2006
Directed by:
Colin Budds
Written by:
Deb Cox
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Pool Party is the second episode in Season 1 of H2O: Just Add Water.


Annoying Miss Popularity, Miriam, is having a pool party and the girls want to go. But being around water is risky, especially when Zane tosses Cleo into the pool. Lewis is the only one around to help so he finds out their secret.


Emma takes has morning bath on her own, while Cleo attempts to catch a clown fish in her fish tank, but puts her glove hand in too far and gets water on her skin, just as her younger sister knock on her bedroom door to tell her that their father want to hurry up if she wants a lift to school. Cleo, who has now become a mermaid, tells Kim that she can walk to school. Next she send a picture to Emma and Rikki. Meanwhile, Rikki is out swimming with dolphins in ocean, and starting to enjoy a new life as a mermaid.

Sometime later, with the girls together, Emma and Cleo have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that their new lives have some disadvantages Cleo tells the group that they can never use moisturizers ever again because they are mainly water, and Emma says that she had to miss swimming training for the first time in six years. Rikki prefers to focus on the advantages such as dolphins they can swim for miles underwater, as well as swimming all the way to Fiji. Cleo thinks that they have to tell someone, like their parents or a doctor, about their secret, but Rikki doesn't like the idea of mermaids in a straitjacket with moisturised skin, and Emma agrees that they cannot tell anyone, not even Cleo's mother, to whom Cleo usually tells everything, because it is too dangerous and people won't understand - they could be locked up because they are different, they can do things that other girls can't do, and other people are scared of them. Cleo agrees not to tell anyone, but wants to make an exception for her friend Lewis, but Rikki says that she cannot even tell him. Reluctantly, Cleo agrees, and tells her friends that she is really good at keeping secrets.

At school, the fashionable and popular Miriam Kent hands out invitations to a party that she is planning to throw in honour of surfing god Byron, offering those who accept the chance to win a special prize. After she leaves, Lewis McCartney arrives. Cleo tells him that nothing much has been happing apart from the same old things. Lewis asks Cleo if she is going to Miriam's party. Cleo initially says yes, but she changes her mind after Miriam returns to tell the girls to bring their best bikinis, as it's a pool party.

As the three friends walk together, Rikki tells Cleo that it's uncool to miss one of Miriam's parties, as she won't ask them again, although Cleo sees that as a positive. She knows about the dangers, but suggests that if she tells Lewis, he can look out for them. Rikki is against the idea, and tells Cleo that she did the right thing, and none of them are going, but Emma counters that they should go, not for Miriam but for Byron. Because surfing takes a lot of hard work and training, Emma thinks Byron needs to know that everyone is supporting him. Rikki suggests that Emma likes Byron, but she dismisses the idea, leading Rikki to reply that Emma sounds like an advertisement for a breakfast cereal. Emma tells the group that if they can find out more about what is happening to them, they might be able to control it enough to go to the party, but Rikki thinks there is nothing more to learn if they touch water, ten seconds later they will grow tails. Emma thinks it's about developing some discipline and exercising some control. Cleo likes the idea, and sends a text message to Lewis, but when Emma tells Cleo that she will have to swim if she wants to test the theory, it puts Cleo off the idea again.

Later at the beach, Rikki and Emma want to put the theory to the test, but Cleo doesn't want to join them in the water even though it's not even deep there. Emma leads Rikki in and tells her that controlled discipline starts with the mind, but even when they try concentrating, it can't stop them from growing their mermaid tails. Suddenly, they see Lewis carrying a fishing rod, and have to hide behind a rock in order to keep their secret from him. Lewis asks the girls who leaked to them about his secret highly classified fishing spot, and tells Cleo that he received her message. Cleo explains that it was an old message and she isn't going. Lewis is prepared to join the other girls for a swim, but Rikki tells him that she and Emma are naked. Lewis still thinks about a quick dip, but when Emma says goodbye to Lewis, he leaves telling them that the offer was there.

Back at the Gilbert's House, Cleo tells Emma and Rikki that they will never be invited to anywhere cool ever again, and all because they have tails. Emma adds that her swimming career is over. Cleo and Emma get glasses of water and cordial, and Cleo asks them why it has happened to her, adding that she didn't ask for it to happen, while she shows off her power of controlling the shape and volume of water. Emma replies that she too has problems, as she had been training to be a swimmer since she was six months old. As she speaks, she puts a stick in the middle of her cordial, uses her special power to make it freeze, then takes the stick out, giving her a glass-shaped frozen icy pole. Rikki is fed up with both of them, telling them that anybody else would love to have the amazing powers that they do, but all they do is whinge, while she doesn't even have a power, but she isn't complaining about it. She then storms off after telling them that she doesn't want to hang around with whingers. Cleo tells Emma that she knows how Rikki feels sometimes, even she doesn't want to hang around with herself!

At the JuiceNet Café, Cleo asks Lewis what he thinks about Rikki, to which he answers that she reminds him of stonefish, who can look like a rock yet are capable of shooting enough poison to kill a football team in half a second. They then hear some applause and see that Byron has just arrived at the café. Cleo is the first to congratulate him, and asks him what his ranking is now, but Zane Bennett tells Cleo to control herself. Lewis then remarks that Zane is dry, and tells him that it must feel different. Zane confronts Lewis and tells him that he didn't know what happened with the fire hydrant, but if Lewis mentions it again, Zane will remove Lewis's head from his shoulders. As Zane leaves, Lewis grabs his right shoulder, but after Cleo tells Lewis to let it go, Byron steps in to calm things down, telling Lewis that Cleo is right, it isn't worth it, and it won't change Zane. Byron and Zane then leave, and Cleo tells Lewis that Byron is such a nice guy, and Emma was right they should go to Miriam's party to show some support for him. Lewis thinks the idea is great, but he then tells Cleo that he doesn't get her one minute she is going, then she is not, and now she is going again. He then grabs his drink and leaves.

The next morning, Neil and Lisa see her eating breakfast, and Lisa asks her if she is sure she can afford to miss swimming training again, while Neil reminds her that the regionals are coming up. Lisa tells Emma that she still trained when she had the flu, and even when she broke her wrist, she swam with one arm. Neil suggests that if she is that bad, she should see a doctor, but Emma tells him that she doesn't need a doctor. Lisa comes into the kitchen and tells Emma that she has been spending a lot of time in her bedroom and locked up in the bathroom lately, but when she asks if there is anything they need to talk about, Emma replies that it's nothing. Lisa tells her that it's all right for her to feel moody because she is at an age where she's going through a lot of changes, a point with which Emma agrees, telling Lisa that she got it in one.

Dressed in a shower cap and wetsuit, Cleo calls Miriam on her mobile phone to let her know that she will definitely be at her party probably. When Miriam asks her what she will be wearing, she replies that it's something appropriate. After ending the call, Cleo grabs a bucket of water, waits for the second hand on the bathroom clock to arrive at the number 10, then pours the bucket of water over herself and rushes to grab a towel and dry herself off quickly, but when the second hand reaches 12, Cleo still changes into a mermaid.

At the JuiceNet Café, Lewis finds Rikki and asks her if he can sit. Rikki tells him that she hopes so, just not with her. In spite of this, he sits opposite her and, as a waiter delivers his soft drink, he tells her that he wants to know what is wrong with Cleo. Rikki asks him what makes him think that there is anything wrong, to which he answers that he has asked her if she wants to go to Miriam's party a hundred times, and every time she has changed her mind. Rikki suggests that maybe she doesn't like him, and asks him if he thought about that. The thought had crossed Lewis's mind, but when he had seen Cleo hanging around with Rikki, he thought that Cleo's standards must be low. Rikki tries to get him to leave, to which he asks her if she is going to tell him what's wrong or not. She refuses, and explains to him that she is not even speaking to Cleo at the moment, and is just trying to be alone right now. As she speaks, her hand is close to Lewis's drink, and suddenly smoke starts flowing from the top of it. A puzzled Lewis tries to grab the drink, but he finds that the glass is hot. He asks Rikki if this is her idea of a joke. Rikki doesn't answer, but a smile slowly spreads across her face. Later, at the beach, Rikki finds a small pool of water and stretches her hand out over it. The water starts to bubble before it turns into a vapour.

Having received a call from Rikki, Emma meets her near one of the Gold Coast's canals, tells her that she is glad she called, and apologises for all of the negative stuff that she had talked about before, as she is not normally like that, but Rikki answers that it's cool, and then tells Emma that there is something that she wants to show her. She takes her back to the beach, where they become mermaids, which makes Emma curious about what it is that Rikki is wanting to show her, but while they are hiding behind the rock again, they see Lewis arriving there with his fishing rod. He asks Emma and Rikki if they are naked again, to which they reply that they are having a bit of a girl talk, but this doesn't put Lewis off his idea of coming there to fish he is having withdrawals and needs the relaxation, and if anyone is going, it's Emma and Rikki. They tell him not to push it and ask him if he should be following Cleo around, but he answers that he is totally over that and he doesn't know what has been going on with Cleo lately - she just can't make up her mind. At that moment, Lewis receives a text message, which turns out to be from Cleo, and as if to prove his point, the message says that she is coming to the party again. Emma and Rikki tell Lewis that he has to do them a favour and make sure that Cleo doesn't go to the party alone, and suggest that he call her back, but when Lewis refuses and says that he is there to fish, the girls tell him that she could be in trouble. He answers that he is not some lackey or all-purpose servant that they think they can tell what to do. As he speaks, he tries to call Cleo back but her phone is switched off. The girls repeat their view that Cleo could be in trouble and ask him if he likes her, and Lewis answers that he does in a friendship kind of way. In the end, he grabs his fishing gear and leaves.

Cleo turns up at the party dressed in a green coat with a pink scarf. Miriam reminds her that it's a pool party, and Cleo answers that she remembered, but she has a terrible cold, so she won't be swimming at all. She asks Miriam where Byron is, and she is sure that he will be there any minute. She asks if Cleo will really be keeping her coat on, to which Cleo answers that she can't be too careful with a cold. After she pretends to sneeze into a tissue, Miriam thinks it's not a good idea for Cleo to be with them as sick people make her feel sick, and the other girl with her also thinks Cleo should leave, but Cleo assures both of them that it's nothing and she can still party, but Miriam suggests that she should go outside, not touch anything, don't try any drinks and stay away from everybody.

Cleo then heads towards the pool, and it isn't long before she is seen by Zane and his friend Nate (Jamie Timony). who are looking for a bit of fun. Cleo tells them to get back, but Zane reminds Cleo that she had a good laugh when he got soaked the previous week, and now it is her turn. Cleo's protestations about not being able to go in the water because of her "cold" fall on deaf ears, even when she suggests that it could be the flu or pneumonia. Several other boys join Zane and Nate in surrounding Cleo.

When Lewis arrives at the party still with fishing rod in hand, it comes as a surprise to Miriam. Lewis explains that he had been cruising by and thought he would drop in. Miriam asks him why he has his fishing gear, and he replies that he never leaves home without it. Lewis asks Miriam if she has seen Cleo, and she answers that she is round by the pool spreading disease. Meanwhile, Zane and Nate start to swing Cleo with the intention of throwing her in the pool on the count of three. Lewis sees them and tells Zane to let Cleo go. He does so, but not without first sending her off in a motion that makes her fall into the pool. After she falls in, Lewis confronts Zane and asks him if he has a brain, but Zane says that Lewis had told him to let her go, and he let her go. Zane then leads the other party guests in going inside for a drink, leaving Lewis alone to rush to the side of the pool to meet Cleo. He apologises to her for what Zane did, but looking at her watch, Cleo tells him that there is something that he should know. Lewis replies that she doesn't need to say anything, to which Cleo answers that she really does. At that moment, the water behind Cleo starts to bubble, and she reminds him about how he said before that she had been acting strange, and tells him not to freak out. She then completes her transformation into a mermaid and tells Lewis that he may have to help her out. Lewis backs away at first, but Cleo tells him not to leave because she really needs his help. In the end he relents, and takes Cleo by the hand.

At that moment, Emma and Rikki arrive at the party and see Lewis and Cleo alone by the pool. When they ask Lewis where everyone is, he tells them that they have gone inside. This gives Emma an idea to make sure they don't come out and discover Cleo's secret - she uses her power to freeze the screen door closed. Lewis then struggles to pull the heavy Cleo out of the pool, and asks Emma and Rikki to help. They are forced to reveal their secret by telling him that they can't help because if they get wet, they will grow tails too. Putting in a little more effort, Lewis begins to pull Cleo out. Meanwhile, Zane tries the screen door and asks Miriam who locked it. Miriam is surprised by his question, telling him that it isn't locked, but when she tries it, the frozen door refuses to budge.

Having finally pulled Cleo out of the pool, Lewis remarks that he should have joined a gym. Rikki then tells Lewis to get back, and begins to steam-dry Cleo, who remarks at one point that it stings, but soon changes back to her normal self. Surprised, Cleo realises then that Rikki has found her power only Emma had known about it before. When Lewis asks what is going on, Emma answers that they will explain later. The four friends leave, but not before Rikki uses her new-found power to evaporate all of the water from the pool, saying that she never liked pool parties anyway. Miriam and the other guests then arrive at the pool, having found another way out of the house, and find that it is empty, prompting Zane to suggest that Miriam check her heating system.

Cleo has removed her coat, no longer needing to pretend that she has a cold, when she and her three friends walk alongside the water. They are all surprised when Byron arrives with a surfboard in his arm. Cleo asks him why he wasn't at the party, a question that leaves Byron puzzled. Cleo explains about the pool party that Miriam had put on for him, and the name seems strange to Byron, though he presumes she is the blonde one. He then answers their question by telling them that parties are not really his thing, before he heads off to the water for a surf, while the three girls all find something nice to say about him.

Down at the beach, Emma, Rikki and Cleo threaten to maim Lewis if he tells anyone about their secret. Lewis answers that he isn't that stupid - if anyone found out, the girls would probably end up as scientific experiments. Emma then tells the group that she has quit the swim team, and Cleo knows how much it meant to her. Lewis then feeds back what he has learnt about the girls' powers - Emma freezes things, Cleo explodes things and Rikki boils things, and all of them grow tails. He comments that it is just too bizarre, and Emma agrees, remarking that sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is not so good. Cleo doesn't have a word for it, but Rikki has three: "Totally, absolutely, awesome".


  • First appearances of Byron, Miriam, Lisa Gilbert, Neil Gilbert and Tiffany.
  • First party in the series.
  • A recurring gag in this episode are the girls toppling over when they transform into mermaids.
  • Emma freezes something without a large quantity of water on it she freezes the screen door when it has only been touched by a few wet hands. 
  • Rikki discovers her power over water.
  • Lewis discovers the girls are mermaids in this episode.


  • Emma having a bath is similar to when Cleo takes a bath in the previous episode.
  • The beach sunset scene is similar to one in the previous episode.

Goofs and Errors

  • Cleo doesn't turn into blue bubbles in any of her transformations in this episode.
  • Cleo's wet suit does not disappear as she turns into her mermaid form.
  • It was more than ten seconds when Cleo changes into a mermaid.
  • The camera is wobbling slightly when Cleo falls over.


  • International Air dates:
    • Denmark: February 2, 2008 on Jetix
    • Poland: September 8, 2007 on Jetix
  • This episode aired in the United States on March 14, 2008 along with "Metamorphosis" as a TV Movie or a Series Premiere on Nickelodeon.


Lewis: Cleo, are you going to Miriam's party?
Cleo: Of course I'm going.
Miriam: And girls, don't forget to bring your best bikinis - it's a pool party.
Lewis: Right, err, well, seeing as you're going...
Cleo: I've changed my mind. I'm not going.

Miriam: Sick people make me feel... well, sick.

Rikki: I never liked pool parties anyway!

Rikki: You like her (Cleo), don't you?
Lewis: In a friendship kind of way.

Lewis: Well, I might just join you all for a swim then.
Rikki: We're naked Lewis.
Lewis: Just a...quick dip then.
Emma: Goodbye, Lewis.
Lewis: The offer was there.

Rikki: You like Byron, don't you?
Emma: No way.
Rikki: Well, you sound like an ad for a breakfast cereal.

Cleo: This is a catastrophe of the highest order! Moisturizer is mainly water.
Rikki: (not paying attention) If dolphins can swim for miles, so can we.
Cleo: We can't moisturize EVER again!
Rikki: We could swim all the way to Fiji, could you imagine that?
Cleo: Our skin will be dry and wrinkly! We'll be Geriatrics by the time we're 21!

Cleo: Lewis, What do you think of Rikki?
Lewis: You know those stonefish that kind of look like a rock, yet can shoot out enough poison to kill entire football team in half a second? She kind of reminds me one of those.

Byron: Parties aren't really my thing. See ya guys.

Lewis: What the? (hell) Ow! It's hot!




H2O - just add water S1 E2 - Pool Party (full episode)

H2O - just add water S1 E2 - Pool Party (full episode)