Samantha Sertori (née Roberts), also known as Sam, is the second wife to Donald Sertori and is the step-mother of Cleo and Kim Sertori. Sam works as a geologist, and ship-inspector.


Samantha met Donald when she was inspecting his boat on Valentine's Day. Their first meeting was cut short, when Don rushed off to deal with his daughter Kim. The second time on Don's boat, Sam was knocked overboard by Kim. Don then invites Sam to their house to dry off, where she witnessed Don's soft side, as he talked with his daughters. They started talking and realized they both have thrown themselves into work lately, and have no romance in their lives.

Samantha and Donald briefly cut off their relationship, thinking that Cleo is not happy for them. After Cleo explained that, if they want to be together they should, Sam and Don decide to be married.

During the wedding at Rikki's Café, Kim tried to sabotage it, first stealing the rings from the box Lewis was holding, and later when it didn't work, she turned on the sprinklers. In the end, Kim tried to accept Samantha, and apologized to Don and Sam, and even helped to organize the Mako wedding.


  • Sam's full name Samantha Roberts, was revealed in episode "Valentine's Day," in her first appearance.
  • In the episode "Power Play" it's revealed that Sam's done a lot of traveling in her life. She's traveled around East Africa a couple of times, and has been to Morocco.
  • It is hinted that she's has a younger sister in the episode "Power Play".


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