Portrayed By:
Colin the Dolphin
Common Bottlenose Dolphin
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Ronnie is a dolphin. He's the main star of the Sea World Marine Park. He loves Cleo and he does tricks for Will Benjamin when he wants to.


Ronnie personality is sweet, cute and funny.


In the episode "Lovesick" Cleo attracts the attention of Ronnie, who is the new dolphin at the Marine Park. After showing Mitch (the dolphin handler) how she feeds and plays with Ronnie, Mitch believes that Ronnie has a crush on Cleo. However after watching what Ronnie does with a fish, both Cleo and Mitch find out that he is caring for the pregnant dolphin in the next caged pond.

In an episode of the second season he disappeared, because of Emma and Rikki left a gate open. As Ronnie adores squid, Cleo used some to find Ronnie, when he escaped from the Marine Park. Also, he was attacked by Charlotte's powers which she activated in fear of dolphins and almost died until Cleo and Lewis stopped Charlotte.

In Season 3, Will saw Ronnie swimming, and went to swim with him. Ronnie bonded with Will that time. When Cleo took the job of assistant dolphin trainer, Laurie saw Ronnie do some tricks and thought it was Cleo who taught him those, but it actually was Will who was underwater at that time. So Laurie put Cleo on the show, but Ronnie didn't want to do tricks for Cleo. Fortunately, Will was there to help Cleo out. Later Cleo got over her insecurity and did the tricks on her own. She even got a show of her own.