Nate is shown to be close friends with Zane Bennett. Nate is a guy who is insensitive, and can be quite dumb at times. He seems to like Cleo, and won't give up her, even though she has rejected him several times.


During Control, Nate acts as a coach a to young boys' soccer team. His younger brother Billy is the team captain. Emma's brother Elliot is also on the team. Nate always encourages his little brother, even when he takes the ball from Elliot. This is stopped by Emma, who humiliates Nate's brother during a game.

In the episode Irresistible, Nate sprays Zane's ambergris on himself, not knowing that it's whale droppings. While this smell is horrible to humans, mermaids are attracted to it causing Emma, Cleo and Rikki to fall for Nate. This is the only time the girls have ever liked him. In the third series he becomes attracted to Bella, the new girl in town, but she rejects him too, just as Cleo did.

He creates a band, later known as Bella and Nate's Band, where he is the lead singer at Zane's restaurant, Rikki's Cafe. But because, as stated by Bella, "he is completely tone deaf and a total loser," Bella joins the band as the lead vocalist, and Nate plays as the pianist. Soon Lewis joins on the drums, until he goes to America.

Nate also appears to be a bad influence on Zane, usually getting him into sticky situations, like in Wrong Side of the Tracks, where he vandalizes the bike of Rikki's father and pins the blame on Zane.

Behind the Scenes

He was portrayed by actor Jamie Timony.


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