Max K. Hamilton was a good friend to Gracie, Louise Chatham, and Julia in 1955.


Early Life

Max K. Hamilton was born in early 1940s to unnamed parents. Apparently, he grew up in the Gold Coast. In 1955, it is known that he was attending a unknown high school, the same as his best-friends, Louise Chatham, Gracie and Julia.

Discovering the Truth

One day Max decided to follow his friends, whom he was already suspicious of. He also mentions in the present day that he somehow knew they were concealing something from him. He ended up in Mako Island, going so far towards its heart that he found the Moon Pool, where he finally discovered the truth about Louise, Gracie and Julia by seeing who they really were.

Both Louise and Julia were angry by having been exposed, but Gracie, who was already in love with him, was finally comfortable about not lying or hiding who she truly was.

The Experiments

As soon Max discovered about his friends' transformation and the truth behind the Moon Pool, he started to figure out what caused their tails to sprout. He also states in the present day to Lewis that all he did was just for Gracie, his true love. He began to experimenting on them, going so far as to take out the Moon Water off its source to be placed under a microscope. He and Gracie soon began to date, but she eventually began to hate the idea of being a mermaid, while her best-friends enjoyed it. She grew tired of Max and his theories. Feeling under pressure, she pushed him away, until he came with lockets with the intention "to help the girls realize how special they were". This worked for a while, however, she ultimately dropped her locket into the Moon Pool and ended her relationship with Max back in 1957.

After the Moon of Fifty Years

A heartbroken Max is left behind by his ex-girlfriend Gracie, now once more a human being.

Present Day

Fifty years later, Lewis found Max after discovering about his research on the Internet. After finding him, Max agreed to give his research to Lewis, after he takes him to Mako Island, there he reminiscent on old times with Gracie. Max went to the Moon Pool where he saw Cleo. He already suspected she was special, and splashed some water on her to be sure. Sure enough Cleo transformed into a mermaid. He then told Lewis and Cleo of his story. Later as promised he gave all his research to Lewis.



"Not a girl. The girl." "She was so beautiful." "Gracie was the one for me." "She was the love of my life. She still is." - Max on what Gracie was to him

Gracie was the love of Max's life. When Gracie told Max she was a mermaid and arrived to Mako Island seeing Gracie, Louise, and Julia in mermaid form, he was surprised and was also okay keeping the secret for them. After, Max made lockets for all three of the mermaids and decided to wear them to remember what they were. Later, when Max was too obsessed with the mermaid research, Gracie got tired of it and threw her locket into the Moon Pool. Then, Gracie left him and Max was depressed in the present day.

Behind the Scenes

He was portrayed by actor Martin Vaughan in the present day and by actor Matthew Scully back in his teenage years.


  • Max made the lockets.
  • Max helped the original mermaids in the 1950s, like Lewis did fifty years later.
  • Max is the first person to find out about the original mermaids' secret.


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