Luca is a lifeguard and supervisor of Cam Mitchell. He is best friends with Gabe. Luca is an obnoxious and arrogant lifeguard who values his position not because of the important duties of lifeguards, but because he believes his position makes him superior to others. He is disrespectful to those he deems inferior such as fellow Cam and former lifeguard Zac Blakely. He is particularly rude to Zac due to him quiting being a lifeguard and views him as a quitter and failure which of course earns him Zac's immediate ire as he was already in a very bad mood due to finding out that he has been a merman his whole life and that he is adopted. He and Gabe later appear when Zac and Evie begin to fight where he proceeds to taunt Zac some more and try to insist that Evie can do way better then him possibly implying she should dump Zac for him. Unfortunately for Luca, his taunting ignites Zac's fury to the point where he uses his powers to pull their doom buggy into to the ocean. They are only spared when Zac's sister Mimmi interferes and berates him for taking the things he has for granted and also insists that he is not the kind of person who would try to hurt someone. This calms Zac down enough to stop and Luca then slams the gas on the buggy and speeds away in utter panic. He and Gabe have not been seen since.


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