Louise Chatham was one of the three original mermaids in 1955. Miss Chatham is a former mermaid, yet a wise woman that knows a lot about mermaidness, and helps the recently-turned mermaids Emma, Cleo and Rikki with important things.


Early Life

Louise Chatham was born in early 1940s to unnamed human parents. At some point during or after her childhood, she met and quickly became best-friends with two another girls named Gracie and Julia. Louise was known to attend an unknown high school with them during her teenage years back in the 1950s, and it is very likely that she met Max Hamilton, also a good friend, while there or even before.

Becoming a mermaid

In 1955, Louise was hanging out with her best-friends Gracie and Julia, until they decided to pay a visit to Mako Island. When already there, they found themselves at its heart and discovered a Moon Pool. As it was a Full Moon night, Louise and both her best-friends stayed on it, unaware going through metamorphosis.

Later, by being exposed to water, Louise sprouted her mermaid tail and confirmed with her two best-friends that she wasn't the only one. It is very likely that was around this time she discovered her only, yet unknown special power over water.

Life as a mermaid

She and her friends, Gracie and Julia, promised each other to keep the secret of being mermaids, until Julia's boyfriend, Karl appeared. They begged Julia to not tell their secret to Karl, but she didn't listen. When she finally told him, he got angry and he wasn't trustworthy anymore. Soon after he knew about Julia's secret, he called Julia to meet him at the dock. When she came to the surface at the dock in her mermaid form, she didn't noticed that Karl had a camera behind his back. He managed to get a complete shot of Julia as a mermaid. Luckily, Louise and Gracie got there in time and Louise threw the camera into the sea. They later re-established their friendship with Julia.

After the Moon of Fifty Years

In 1957, two years after Louise and her two best-friends' own transformation into mermaids, Max Hamilton's researches on them began causing on his girlfriend Gracie the desire of being a human once again. Tired of him, she came to Mako on a special Full Moon known as the "Moon of Fifty Years", which deprives merpeople of their tails and abilities permanently. After Gracie returned to her original state as a human being, she ended her relationship with Max and her friendship bond with Louise and Julia was well.

Louise states in "Shipwrecked" that her powers "became too much" and that she gave up them, affirming that she was under the Moon of Fifty Years with Gracie, although she wasn't shown in the flashback. It is unknown if Julia was with them or retained her abilities instead.

Louise met and married an unknown man probably after she returned to being a human once again. By the 1960s, the couple bought the Lorelei boat, which Louise named after a river mermaid from German folklore, just like she used to be. Her husband passed away in 1991, fifteen years before she met Emma, Cleo and Rikki, leaving her a widow.

Present Day

Miss Chatham appears for the first time in the beginning of Season 1, in "Party Girls." She's watching the dolphin show and sees Cleo coming up with some fish. Miss Chatham recognizes for an unknown reason that Cleo is a mermaid, and gives Cleo some help by giving her a dry towel when Cleo gets wet and doesn't have a dry towel.

Louise used to live on the Lorelei boat at the marina. She accidentally damaged Zane's jet-ski and he calls the harbor master. The harbor master says that the state of the boat is unsafe, and he confiscated Miss Chatham's boat. Emma offers Miss Chatham to stay at her place until she finds a new place to live. Miss Chatham, however, isn't planning to give up her boat, and she sneaks out at night. She damages Zane's jet-ski again and she thinks that Zane will not be happy with that, but she still sails away in her boat. Zane follows her and manages to get aboard her boat. Miss Chatham thinks that Zane wants her treasure, and Zane indeed looks around for something valuable. This causes Miss Chatham to have a heart attack.

Emma and Lewis followed Zane too, and find out what has happened. They take Miss Chatham into Lewis' boat to take her to the hospital. After Louise had recovered, Emma's family organized her stay at a retirement home, which Louise accepts.

Mermaid Powers

Louise Chatham had the ability to transform into a mermaid ten seconds after physical contact with water. After several minutes being out of the water, she would get her legs back and her clothes she was wearing before the transformation if she is dry. As a mermaid, Louise once had the ability to swim at a super speed, and dive at depths no human being is capable of, completely protected from its cold and water pressure. She was also capable of holding her breath for at least fifteen minutes.

Louise was the original owner of the White Locket until she gave it to Emma Gilbert.


Before her transformation, Louise had all the typical weaknesses of a human. When she transformed, she was susceptible to all the weaknesses of a mermaid. Being deprived of her tail and abilities permanently, Louise had again all the weaknesses of a human being.

Behind the Scenes

She was portrayed by actress Christine Amor in the present day and by actress Teri Haddy back in her teenage years.


  • Louise is referred to in Season 2 by Rikki when she says that there were three original mermaids, meaning there should only be three, when discussing Charlotte Watsford's transformation.
  • She was a good friend to Max Hamilton who was Gracie's boyfriend.
  • Louise is the only original mermaid who never had a romance mentioned during the time of the original mermaids.
  • Miss Chatham mentions in "Shipwrecked" that the powers became too much, and she had to give them up, affirming that she is no longer a mermaid.
  • She is the only one of the three original mermaids that is not deceased.
  • The three original mermaids possessed a matching set of three necklaces, each with a stone embedded into it, likely corresponding to their power. Red for heat, white for ice, and blue for water. This suggests that Louise had the power of ice.
  • Miss Chatham got a room at the retirement home and is currently living there.


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