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Karl was the love of Julia in 1955.


He was much like Zane- a handsome, rich bad-boy. When Karl expressed his love to Julia, she thought it would be the right time to reveal she's a mermaid to him. Although Gracie and Louise thought it was bad idea. Julia having made up her mind, told Karl her secret. At first Karl was angry and broke up with her, saying that he gave the love letter to her, not to a fish. After several days Karl contacted Julia again and wanted to meet at the pier. Julia was ecstatic and went in her mermaid form, but Karl was secretly setting up a trap for her. Karl had a camera behind his back, and when she surfaced, he took it out and snapped some photos of Julia in her mermaid form, planning to expose her. Luckily, Gracie and Louise didn't trust Karl, so they also went there just in time, and threw the camera into the water, putting a stop to his plan. Julia broke up with Karl after his betrayal. He is never seen or mentioned again.



She was Karl's love in the 1950s. Gracie and Louise discovered that Julia was dating Karl, and wanted her to break it off, since she also shared their secret. Julia was sure it was the right time and decided to tell his secret to Karl. He however rejected her coldly. One day, Karl called Julia, and asked her to meet him at the pier in her mermaid form. Gracie and Louise begged her not to go, but she went anyway. With a camera behind his back, Karl snapped a few pictures of Julia in her mermaid form, wanting to display those for the whole world. Fortunately, Gracie and Louise also came, and Louise threw the camera into the sea. Julia was heartbroken and ended her relationship with Karl. Karl tried to tell everyone about the girls being mermaids, but people did not believe him. Julia was heartbroken for a long time, and according to Louise, she never got over the betrayal. It took some time, but life went on, and she re-established her friendship with Gracie and Louise and renewed their secret.

Behind the Scenes

He was portrayed by actor Brett Sellwood.


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