Dr. Harrison Bennett is Zane Bennett's father and has an eye-candy girlfriend named Candy.


When he was younger Harrison Bennett was rescued from drowning by Lisa Gilbert[1].

Harrison always finds fault with Zane. When Zane tried to break Harrison's record of windsurfing around Mako Island, Harrison kept moaning at Zane[1]. Harrison is a doctor and works as a plastic surgeon[2]. He attends at the investment seminars as a speaker[3], and used his great fortune to invest in the real estate business. On time he worked with George Chan on a plan to develop Mako Island as a resort, but the plans were stopped, when Rikki pointed out that endangered species live around the island[4].

After Zane helped Lewis to free Cleo, Emma, and Rikki from Dr. Linda Denman and put things in perspective for Harrison, he pulled out of the project and turned over a new leaf, wanting to be a better father to Zane[5].


  • Harrison didn't appear in season 2 or 3, although he was mentioned by Zane at the start of season 3.


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