Gracie was one of the three original mermaids in 1955.


Early Life

Gracie was born in early 1940s to unnamed human parents. At some point during or after her childhood, she met and quickly became best-friends with two another girls named Louise and Julia. Gracie was known to attend an unknown high school with them during her teenage years back in the 1950s, and it is very likely that she met Max Hamilton while there or even before. She did modeling as revealed by her daughter decades later.

Becoming a mermaid

In 1955, Gracie was hanging out with her best-friends Louise and Julia, until they decided to pay a visit to Mako Island. When already there, they found themselves at its heart and discovered a Moon Pool. As it was a Full Moon night, Gracie and both her best-friends stayed on it, unaware going through metamorphosis.

Later, by being exposed to water, Gracie sprouted her mermaid tail and confirmed with her two best-friends that she wasn't the only one. It is very likely that was around this time she discovered her only, yet unknown special power over water.

Life as a mermaid

When she first transformed, it seemed that she loved it, until her boyfriend Max Hamilton, began experimenting on them, much like Lewis. Soon after, she began to grow tired of being experimented on, and wanted to be an ordinary girl again, and she started pushing Max away.

After the Moon of Fifty Years

In 1957, two years after Gracie and her two best-friends' own transformation into mermaids, she was at Mako Island, and noticed that the moon pool began, to bubble. Somehow she knew that this special 50 years moon would take away a mermaid's powers forever. Wanting to be normal again, she jumped in, and gave up her powers. Gracie ended her relation with Max and separated from her friends. She married an unknown man and had a daughter named Annette.

Present Day

In her adult life, she was more of a "free spirit" as she would only wear handcrafted jewelry and would never wear what everyone else was wearing. Gracie would take care of her granddaughter Charlotte and tell her stories about the sea. Many years later, Charlotte tells Lewis how Gracie died when she was six years old, and she also said that she cried for months after the death of her grandmother.

Mermaid Powers

Gracie possessed the ability to transform into a mermaid ten seconds after physical contact with water. Several minutes after climbing out of the the water and once her body was completely dry, she turned back into a human along with the clothes she was wearing before she transformed. As a mermaid, Gracie once had the ability to swim at a super speed, and dive at depths no human being is capable of, completely protected from its cold and water pressure. She was also capable of holding her breath for at least fifteen minutes.

Gracie was the original owner of the Blue Locket until she dropped it into the Moon Pool.


Before her transformation, Gracie had all the typical weaknesses of a human. When she transformed, she was susceptible to all the weaknesses of a mermaid. Being deprived of her tail and abilities permanently, Gracie had again all the weaknesses of a human being until her death.


Max Hamilton

Max was Gracie's boyfriend when they were teenagers in the 1950s. They were just "good friends" at first, and Gracie didn't like keeping the mermaid secret from him. She was "relieved" when he finally found out, and the two soon began dating. They were meant for each-other, just as Cleo and Lewis are. Max wanted to help Gracie "embrace what she had become" but unintentionally made her hate her newfound abilities by experimenting on her. He made her and the other girls their lockets as a last resort, but their relationship faltered. Gracie broke up with him and lost her mermaid powers, she then later married somebody else and had her daughter.


Julia and Gracie were best friends in the 1950s. They had a small fall out when Julia was dating Karl, but became friends again.


Louise and Gracie were best friends in the 1950s.

Behind the Scenes

She was portrayed by actress Ashleigh Brewer.


  • Gracie's last name was not revealed in the series.
  • Gracie is the first original mermaid to die, the second being Julia.
  • She did modeling as a teenager.
  • As an adult, she would only wear handcrafted jewelry, probably influenced by the locket that Max made especially for her. Which could imply that, even after their breakup, she still loved him.


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