Gemma Forsyth

Gemma Forsyth

February 6, 1989
First Appearance:
Queen for a Day (as Suzie)
Outcasts (as Evie)
Last Appearance:
Queen for a Day (as Suzie)
Homecoming (as Evie)
Number of episodes:

Gemma Forsyth plays Evie McLaren in Mako: Island of Secrets.

She also played a waitress named Suzie in one episode of H2O: Just Add Water, who got fired by Sophie Benjamin.


  • In a children's series Mortified, 2006, Gemma played a girl named Katie and her mother was played by Deborah Coulls, the same actress who played Cleo Sertori's mother Bev.


Year: Title: Role:
2003 The Sleepover Club (TV series) Kelly
2006 Mortified (TV series) Katy
2010 H2O: Just Add Water (TV series) Suzie
2011 Sea Patrol (TV series) Female Honeymooner
2011 SliDE Cool Girl #1
2012 Blown (short) Gossip Girl
2012 Fatal Honeymoon (TV movie) Alanda
2013 - 2016 Mako: Island of Secrets (TV series) Evie McLaren
2014 Project: One Shot (short) Gemma Forsyth
2014 Phrogging (short) Brandy



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