Chinese Mermaid

Mermaid-Jiao Long Bracelet

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The Chinese Mermaid is an ancient Eastern mermaid and the water spirit from the Legend of Jiao-long.


This mermaid was a member of the Eastern Pod centuries ago. She fell in love with a land boy, but their relationship was discovered by another pod. Wishing to punish the mermaid and her entire pod for letting it happen, the other pod changed the human into a Water Dragon whose only wish was to destroy the mermaids. His loved one found or created a magic bracelet and she used it to change him back into a human. Her tale is immortalized as the Legend of Jiao Long.

Somehow, her bracelet was lost but was found centuries later by another mermaid, Rikki Chadwick.

Mermaid Powers


As a mermaid, she could swim at a speed of 600 km per hour, hold her breath and stay submerged for 12 hours or more and dive to a depth lower than any ordinary human being. Since she had a relationship with a land boy, there is a good chance she knew how to assume human form and would change ten seconds after touching water. Her level of power is unknown.


  • Her role is very similar to Eva. Both are past mermaids and both faced a similar threat to the protagonists and both offered a solution to defeating this threat.
  • It is possible the dragon she faced could not harm her because of the love they shared. The same happened for Mimmi and Zac as their mother was the dragon they faced.