Brittany Byrnes

Brittany Byrnes

July 31, 1987
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Brittany Anne Byrnes (born 31 July, 1987) is an Australian actress. She is best known for playing Natasha Green in Little Oberon.

Personal life

Brittany was born in Australia and trained in all aspects of dance at the Bradshaw Dancers Performing Arts Academy in Sydney since she was 4. She was also cheerleader for the Kittens (West Tigers) until she quit in 2007. She currently does one of the hot and spicy fillet KFC ads.


Her first role was in the movie Babe when she was 8 years old. There, Brittany played the granddaughter. From there she has been in movies like Little Oberon, Mermaids (where she played a daughter of a mermaid) and Swimming Upstream. She has also been in a number of television shows including Beastmaster, All Saints and the second season of the Australian show H2O: Just Add Water where she played Charlotte Watsford. Brittany was nominated for a total of two awards - an Young Actor's Award for Little Oberon in 2005 and an AFI award for H2O: Just Add Water in 2008.


Year: Title: Role:
1994 Heartbeak High Rachel Stewart
1995 Babe Granddaughter
1996 Twisted Tales Jessie Courtney
1993 - 1996 G. P Amy Hardy
1998 Children's Hospital Helen Voyt
1998 Breakers Catherine
1998 The Violent Earth Helen as a Child
2000 BeastMaster Muraki
1998 - 2000 Search For Treasure Island Thea Hawkins
2000 Water Rats Geena Sadler
2001 Escape of the Artful Dodger Hannah
2001 When Good Ghouls Go Bad Dayna
2002 Don't Blame the Koalas Actress #3
2003 Swimming Upstream Diane Fingleton
2003 Mermaids Tessa
2005 Little Oberon Natasha Green
1998 - 2008 All Saints Becky Franklin
2007 - 2008 H2O: Just Add Water Charlotte Watsford
2008 Scorched Deanna
2009 Sunset Over Water Madga
2011 Toybox Tina
2014 We Are Darren and Riley Brittany
2014 Wonderland Pip


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