• Kintobor

    So long that I no longer know anything about its plot.

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  • Silver- Crystal 78

    New Moon Pools

    December 5, 2018 by Silver- Crystal 78

    In H20 Just add water and Mako mermaids there are two known moon pools Mako Island and the Sea Caves of Ireland. So it is possible there are other moon pools around the  world as the comet formed mako and a shard formed the Irish sea caves  making more possibility that there are more moon pools 

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  • Makoisland4

    Released: Monday 28th May 2018

    Dear my helpful followers, 

    I have been discovering new things that I have found out on different websites about either h2o Just Add Water or/and Mako Mermaids (or known as 'Mako Island of Secrets.' I will be releasing the news I have discovered and will be posting it on new pages. Send me a message/ text saying either if you wants me to post each new news on a different page or put each new news I've found out on the same page. My name is Makoisland4. 

    Love you my followers.

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  • SCMoonSister

    Hey H2O fans, you know when a human being is in the pool found on Mako Island she will transform into a mermaid? Well I'm just wondering if it's possible for a mermaid to turn back into a human. If you have any theories on that possibility I would love to hear it. 

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  • Psionkid


    September 13, 2017 by Psionkid

    In this blog i'ld like to collect all mistakes, spotted in the series. If we collected enough stuff, we could create a own page for it.

    So now it's up to YOU to comment all the mistakes YOU spotted.

    In Mako Mermaids season one, after Zac fell in the moon pool, they say that the underwater entry is the only one but in Season 3 when Amaris runs away from Chris she runs into the Cave and escapes throu the underwater entry.

    Is the entrance from above open or closed in Mako Mermaids?

    In H2O Season one Episode two, when Cleo is wearing the wetsuit to test the transformation, she falls over with the suit on, and no tail to be seen even if the wetsuit should disapear like normal cloths.

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  • Mundo Comdilies

    Mako Island

    July 5, 2017 by Mundo Comdilies

    Mako Island is Home of Mermaids! 

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  • Jamesmichael9

    Mermaid serects

    April 30, 2017 by Jamesmichael9

    How come Emma, Cleo, Rikki and Bella don't reveal their secret?

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  • Jamesmichael9

    Is it going to come out this year?

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  • Jamesmichael9

    My mermaid girlfriend

    October 28, 2016 by Jamesmichael9

    My girlfriend Sonia transforms into a mermaid whenever she touches water. One time she transformed into a mermaid without water leaving her stuck in merform until sunrise, I also had to take care of her to prevent her family from founding out.

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  • ScottStephenJones

    I am Scott Stephen Jones and I just joined the wiki. This show is so incredible and it just brings you into this world full of imagination. It's awesome and magical and it's crazy how they actually make the tails for the show. I can't wait to be part of this community. I'd love to connect with everyone so send me a message because I'dlove to talk to you all!

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  • Mermsquad

    Rikki's claws

    April 21, 2016 by Mermsquad

    Hey fellow merms, 

    Rikki got some new claws today and came to school looking 10/10 

    Lewis was being so moody today and told Rikki that her claws didn't look good.

    Rikki then got angry and tipped a cup of water all over his head and almost boiled him like a kettle. 

    The whole grade was watching and Rikki had to run away before the change occured. 

    It was a close call but she managed to run to the bathroom just in time. 

    Thanks for the support fellow merms.

    xoxo merm squad

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  • Mermsquad

    near miss

    April 20, 2016 by Mermsquad

    today I nearly turned into a mermaid in biology. 

    it was just your average school day.... UNTIL i was splashed with some water in biology class.

    luckily rikki was able to use her heat powers to stop the change from happening. 

    it was a close one fellow merms, we'll keep you updated on our daily lives

    xoxo merm squad 

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  • Vcorda

    Violet Marie

    December 21, 2015 by Vcorda

    I love H2O just add water. It is my favorite show in the world. I love you guys

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  • Bum bum1104

    About h20

    November 25, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    I watch all the episodes of h2o I love the episodes

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  • Bum bum1104

    About h2o

    November 18, 2015 by Bum bum1104

    I love it is so good love it I love mermaids I love them.

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  • Goldsworth


    October 17, 2015 by Goldsworth

    is rikki coming back or something?? i haven't been updated for years.

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  • Lovefiction

    Just noticed this

    October 3, 2015 by Lovefiction

    I just noticed this but when they mentioned Rikki coming on Mako Mermaids they mentioned that Cleo and Emma had moved away from the coast, but what happened to Bella?! I mean I get that some people would have forgotton her but she was pretty important too. Will she be mentioned in the series? Why not mention her in the Rikki's friends all moved away post? Ideas would be great. 

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  • Chadandsonny4ever


    August 11, 2015 by Chadandsonny4ever

    H2O: Just Add Water is awesome!

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  • DelilahDThompson

    Jonathan M. Shiff has stated before that the tails used in Mako Mermaids are different (much lighter) from the tails used in H2O: Just Add Water. Another change I've noticed is that the flukes in Mako Mermaids (M.M. flukes) are far more flexible, and bendable –– "floppier." It's more noticeable when the actresses are swimming. The H2O flukes are rigid, even at the ends. When swimming they don't bend or fold. However, M.M. flukes do bend and fold the the ends.

    I might be late into this "discovery", but oh well.

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  • Dark Fantasy1990

    A new fanfic.

    August 2, 2015 by Dark Fantasy1990

    This is a new fanfic connected to Mako Mermaids, and Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid enjoy.


    Aquaria held the knife over the prince she loves about to kill him, but she couldn't kill him that she decided to become one with the sea as seafoam. She walk to the edge of the ship, and drop the knife into the ocean that was destroyed with a blinding light awakening the prince. He quickly ran to the ship seeing her. He beg her not, but she jump off into the sea. As the sun rises Aquaria began to be seafoam as she laid a egg. Noticing the egg Aquaria use the last of her strength to hold her egg, and kiss it leaving a message to her baby.

    My dear child. I'll never be able to see you hatch, grow up, and be in your life. I hope you …

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  • TwilightSparkle1567


    June 24, 2015 by TwilightSparkle1567
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  • Dark Fantasy1990

    This the fanfic version of my idea. Credit goes to my friend on for being my beta reader, and editor. Hope you like it.

    Chapter 1: Rebirth part 1

    The morning sun started to rise in the small town of Rainbow Cove. Three genetically similar girls walked side by side along the seafront, the light of the sun blazing against their skin.

    Casey was the oldest of the siblings, they were triplets but she was still older than the other two by several minutes.

    Tessa was close second, she was never the same as her two sisters though – she claimed herself as more of a tomboy than a girly girl.

    Flora was the youngest, yet the most responsible one. There were many occasions where she had to play the referee between the other two girls, it was a…

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  • KittyCat84

    The Emma/Bella Thing

    January 3, 2015 by KittyCat84

    So... Emma went to travel the world with her parents. Great. So then Bella came and became their new friend. They mentioned her in ONE episode then literally replaced her. They got rid of the silver lockets, even though I bet Emma still wore hers. They never mentioned Emma ever again. Basically they replaced their best friend. The lockets were special. I kinda hoped Emma would return in the last episode, but I guess that would be kinda awkward. Like this...

    Emma: I'm so glad to be back

    Cleo: Yep, we're glad to see you too. This is Bella.

    Emma: Hi Bella! I'm Emma, and--

    Cleo: She's your replacement.

    Emma: What?

    Rikki: Yeah, we even got rid of the lockets and everything. See? 

    Cleo: Oh yeah, the lockets. The symbol of our friendship. Remember all t…

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  • Spike Angel

    The Secret is Out

    November 21, 2014 by Spike Angel

    Here's that fanfiction I mentioned! Enjoy!

    One day Cleo Sertori was lying on her bed doing her homework. She thought about going to the moon pool, but waited until she finished her homework. You see, Cleo Sertori seems like an ordinary girl, but she's actually a mermaid. The only people that know this are to her 3 best friends Rikki, Emma and Bella, who were also mermaids Bella having been one the longest ,her boyfriend Lewis McCartney, Rikki's boyfriend Zane Bennet, Emma's boyfriend Ash Dove, and Bella's boyfriend Will Benjamin. Cleo finished her homework then went downstairs to tell her Dad she was going out.


    "Yes, Cleo?"

    "My homework's done; I'm off to spend some time with my friends!"

    "Okay dear, have fun!"

    "Thanks, Dad!"

    Cleo left the…

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  • Dark Fantasy1990

    Well this isn't a real series but a idea that should be a new H2O spinoff.

    In the beach town of Rainbow Cove live three sisters name Casey, Tessa, and Flora. On there 16th birthday they went to camp at Mako Island, and during there hike found a mysterious cave were inside is the moon pool. When the full moon shine over them when they enter the pool there lives change forever. The next day they discovered there mermaid tails, and powers that they discover that a beautiful mermaid queen name Amphirite gave birth to three girls born half human half mermaids in the moon pool of Mako Island. While keeping there secret they have to deal with teen issues, and search for there long lost mother.

    What do you guys think of it?

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  • Furrytoonosaurus

    They do not trust their own parents ?, Do they believe that their own parents would tell their own daughters are mermaids to everyone else and have the wealth to them just because they're mermaids and not caring if they are their own daughters? Parents would never do that to their own daughters! Parents are the ones who can tell everything to no matter what and the one most trust! What if some of the their parents were in the sea and drowning, and no one can save them, then had some of their own daughters save themselves whenever they are in their mermaid form. For what is it that is most important; to save their own parents who they love from drowning, or to keep their mermaid secret to their own parents? And they are no more fond of thei…

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  • Brzoskwinia

    H2O season 4 in 2016?

    September 23, 2014 by Brzoskwinia

    First, sorry for my bad english.

    So, guys, it looks like there will be probably REAL season 4, and I am not talking about animated one, but with real actors! This is what we found on Jonathan twitter:

    After we saw that, one of polish sites, titled 'Syreny z Mako', contacted Jonathan and Disney Channel (In Poland Mako Mermaids is on Disney Channel, and this site is in partnership with both DC and Jonathan) and the site is claiming that he confirmed that there are plans for new H2O series in 2016, and there will be some actors from previous cast (probably Rikki?).

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  • TheMistyMermaidX7

    A new H2o spin-off has been confirmed it's an animated series called H2o Mermaid adventures!

    See the trailer here:

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  • H2Omermaidsforever2002

    mako island

    August 20, 2014 by H2Omermaidsforever2002

    mako island

    mako island is a very secretive island Emma, Cleo and Rikkie had to keep their secret until charlotte became one. well mako has a moon pool on a lextur full moon at the right time at the right place you can become a mermaid. mako island some how keeps secret too but what if you watch H2O you'll find out too.

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  • Cirino 73

    Who has the best Power?

    August 12, 2014 by Cirino 73

    Personally I think it is Cleo because she could control Water and Air while Emma could only control Ice and Snow but Ricki's is pretty cool too as she can control lightning as well as fire but Bella's remains largely undeveloped

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  • Sylar R


    July 4, 2014 by Sylar R

    If somebody wants a gif from H2O (season 2,3) or Mako Mermaids, leave me a message! :)

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  • Jan April


    June 19, 2014 by Jan April

    How H20: Just Add Water change my life? It's simple... It's all in the tails. :) 

    I don't exactly believe in merpeople... They're just like products of human imaginations. And it'll surely take a long journey to prove that they are real... But anyways, real or not; Rikki, Cleo & Emma pushed me to believe. Not on mermaids but in fantasy, in magic, in hopes that it can give to people... I can't exactly explain the feeling, all I know is that  "anything is possible" , yeah? Especially Rikki's character, a fighter, maybe stubborn sometimes but still fighting for what is right. Wrongs will always be wrong. They're not real! Really! None of it; the story, the characters, everything! But sometimes, there are things that cannot be explained, we onl…

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  • Mermaidcleorikkibell

    Emma:Kim are you a

    Kim: Mermaid yep.

    Cleo: How did you become one?

    Kim I don't know.

    Bella: I know why your standing in the Moon Pool thats how Cleo,Rikki and Emma became a mermaid.

    Kim: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Don:Kim and Cleo you need to go see Dr Deman.

    Rikki: no She will hold the captive then show them to the WORLD!:(

    Don:Will I Want to become a Merman .

    Cleo: you can't you have to look after us.

    Lewis:will lets go back to the Cafe and order us some Smoothes Is the Cafe still open Zane?

    Zane: Will I'm ok with that

    Cleo: Can I go dad With Kim 

    Don: Sure but be Careful not to get wet

    Cleo:OK Dad

    At the Cafe

    Cleo:Do you have any powers Kim?

    Kim: I don't know

    Kim: tries using her powers

    Cleo: you have Aerokinesis Like me :)

    Emma comes in with her merm…

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  • Mermaidcleorikkibell

    hey sorry for laking for so long.

    Bella: Lewis why could you do this to us I thought you were our friends.

    Lewis:it was either this or she expoes you to the the world.

    Dr Denman: now I've got you will be exposed to the world .

    All four girls (Bella,Rikki,Cleo and Emma): no you won't

    All four girls use there powers knocking Dr Denamn and David .

    Cleo: Lets go to my house!

    Cleo: Dad what this?

    Don: Its a pool for you and your friends to swim in and when it is a Full Moon I will make sure you don't see the full moon and I'm Sure your friends will come along aswell 

    Kim: I still can't belive your a mermaid.

    Cleo,Bella,Rikki and Emma: Say at the same times were going to mako with Will, Lewis and Zane Kim wanna tag along. We could show you our powers

    Kim :…

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  • KatnissEverqueen

    I thought I would open with a very swift blog post, which could be considered more of a question, really. The Bible has reports of atmokinesis, there are several people who have claimed to experience it, and even some of the videos on [[1]] have been called atmokinetic. Has anyone else had real-world experience with atmokinesis and/or deem it possible?

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  • Ashley C. Cote

    H2O Just Add Water

    February 9, 2014 by Ashley C. Cote

    H2O was my favorite show when I was a young girl and I still cant believe they canceled and wished they had done a fourth season. Since the show was canceled I will try and do the transcripts for the shows when I can.

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  • Gemela1

    H2O lockets

    December 19, 2013 by Gemela1

    Hey what's up!

    I just wanted to say hi to everybody and ask you all a little tiny question. As you can see in the title I'm looking for information about the H2o lockets. I've been looking all over the web and I've see a few that look appealing. The well known canadian, the spanish "official", and the australian version but I cant fint it anywhere.

    From what i've heard the world alive version is pretty shitty, and the silverart version is pretty expensive (I know its because of the materials they are using). 

    I actually knew there where very different because of this video

    The one I actually want its th…

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  • Kenzie5433

    Bella Hartley

    December 14, 2013 by Kenzie5433

    Hello. This is the blog for Bella fans.

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  • Tinydancer7899


    November 27, 2013 by Tinydancer7899

    um i am just here to say i will be posting alot on here so i just wanted to say hi thanks.

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  • Mermaidlexi101

    Dr. Denman

    November 22, 2013 by Mermaidlexi101

    In the first season, Dr. Denman sees how the girls gave up their powers but only for 12 hours. You would think that she would come back and maybe go into the moon pool, and try a figure out how they became mermaids. But maybe, but I can't believe she did not come back.

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  • Muchloveivette


    August 24, 2013 by Muchloveivette

    I loved H20: just add water

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  • Garr9988

    Update Needed

    July 30, 2013 by Garr9988

    In Mako Mermaids, all merpeople have been shown to use Invisibility, which is used by putting a hand near their head and clenching it, opening it to become visible again. Invisibility can also be used to conceal another person or thing by holding them and using the hand motion. Also, in the epsiode: Blizzard, Lyla, Sirena, Nixie, and Zac had an allergic reaction to snow called Snow Rash. Rita explained that this was happening to the girls because they were Southern Mermaids, and were not used to cold temperature. It has been implied that merpeople do have reproductive systems similar to fish, as it is implied that merpeople hatch from eggs, since Nixie and Sirena have been friends "since they were hatchlings".  Sirena has been shown to hav…

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  • MermaidEmmaIce

    Hey, Mermaids! i am doing a class progect on Mermaids can u help me out? by telling me all the Strenghtes and weaknesses of a mermaid, i already have the rest i just really need this and if i get what i need i will post my report on here

    Swin On,


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  • Jordybean


    June 20, 2013 by Jordybean

    I want to see mako mermaids on t.v

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  • Rainbowstarblossom

    Have any other fans of H20 bought the lockets? They haven't been sold in years and therefore are anywhere from 30-50$ on Ebay. But, thery're so worth it! They look just like the ones from the show and come with mini portraits of the mermaids that fit perfectly. I also saw season 3 moon cystal necklaces that were anywhere from 6-15$, much cheaper than the lockets. There are also other fan made jewelry, some of which were expensive and pretty, and some cheaper ones that also look great. If your interested in seeing some, check out Ebay.

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  • Mermaidlexi101


    April 24, 2013 by Mermaidlexi101

    I have to agree with you, beacuse I love the Little Mermaid. when I was little I used to pretend in the swimming pool to be a mermaid. You and I have a lot in common. 

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  • Rikki1011

    people say mermaids are evil. but i know there not. because i know one.

    from Rikki1011

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  • Gingham

    How Many Mermaids?

    April 1, 2013 by Gingham

    I know of Emma, Cleo, Rikki, Bella, Eva, Nixie, Sirena, Lyla, Charlotte (temporarily), and Zac (merman).

    But who are in this picture? 

    I am new to h2o so maybe I am missing something, but I hope they are mentioned in Mako Mermaids. :)

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  • H2olovergurl1


    March 13, 2013 by H2olovergurl1

    Hey so if you guys haven't seen it you need to see it now!!. The mako mermaids trailer has just been released a couple days ago and it seems like the seris will be AH-MAZING. It will be airing in may 2013. AHH im so excited i have been waiting for this for atleast 1 or 2 years at the most. the trailer is posted on mako mermaid facebook page and also you can find it on youtube. What do you guys think of the trailer after you first seen it?

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  • Imfomer1


    February 23, 2013 by Imfomer1


    A lot of you want to be come a mermaid this is an H20 fan page, give spells page, and tips page.

    If your intersed in learning about mermaids this is the palce to go.

    If you have a coment and it is H20 ROCKS!!!!!!!!, I  wouldn't recamed it on this blog.

    If you don't have anything nice to say never come to this blog and dont post anything if its mean.

    (this is a web site for fans not for imfo.)


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