Angela is one of the Sertoris' cousins. She only appeared in one episode, in Season 1, which was "Hurricane Angela".


Angela stayed with the Sertori family, as her family was going through a rough time. Cleo's father saw this opportunity for Cleo to learn some maturity and responsibility, but Angela being a headstrong girl with a fondness of water quickly brought on its challenges - especially when Kim and Cleo find they have missing possessions, a missing cousin and a pelican in their house. Cleo accuses Kim of taking the pelican from the Sea World Marine Park. Cleo yells at Kim and won't let her see the pelican. Cleo has no choice but to return the pelican, but she gets accused of stealing the pelican by her manager Mitch. The pelican is soon revealed that it doesn't belong to the Marine Park. Angela is finally found by Lewis, Emma Gilbert and Rikki Chadwick as she sneaked away from Kim and Cleo to go body boarding. Angela admits to stealing the pelican to make Kim and Cleo fight. In order for Angela to learn her lesson, Cleo gets her to clean the pelican area of bird poo, much to Angela's dismay.


  • Angela likes body-boarding.
  • Whenever she stays with her cousins she stays in Cleo's Room.
  • The song Angela plays on the TV is the same song Cleo has on her MP3 in the bathtub in "The Awakening".
  • It is mentioned by Donald that her parents have been going through rough times.
  • It is unknown if she is Cleo and Kim's maternal or parental cousin.



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